Mobile Carts & Kiosk

1. Mei Lok Store

Mei Lok Store is a nostalgic-style Hong Kong tuck shop, offering various snacks, drinks and toys from local Mei Lok Store and all over the world to customers for them to retrieve their happy childhood memories.


TINY, established in 2013, is a Hong Kong toys and models brand and owned by Toyeast Limited. Hoping to record people’s livings and preserve their memories by miniatures, TINY devotes to design and make different scales of local featured model cars, figures, diorama, etc. To strive for authenticity, 3D scan and print technology, LED and sound system are applied in the products, which could recall people’s memories at their first sight.


Well known for using fresh ingredients, delicious taste with colourful outlook and zero artificial colouring / preservatives, ISEE iSEE aims to deliver joyful experiences to customers with its range of handcrafted ice pops. During winter months, ISEE iSEE at Avenue of Stars also offers hot delicious beverages such as oat-milk chocolate and hot soothing fruit beverages!

5. Avenue of Stars Gift Shop / Customer Service

Avenue of Stars Gift Shop offers souvenirs featuring Avenue of Stars, Bruce Lee, McDull, and other special gifts, as well as providing customer service.

8. POP POP Rangers

POP POP Rangers was founded in 2013 by a few passionate and enthusiastic popcorn lovers, dedicated in their mission to create the finest popcorn on the planet! We strive for perfection and only source the healthiest and purest quality ingredients from all over the globe. Here at POP POP Rangers, in our POP KITCHEN, they invest a lot of time in research & development to ensure the recipes are unique, healthy and fresh so you can experience and enjoy our finest gourmet creations.

* Mobile carts no. 2 , 6 , 7 and 9 will be coming soon