Mobile Carts & Kiosk

Mak’s noodle

Wonton noodle was meant to be a street food in Guangdong and Mak’s Noodle puts extra effort to keep its wonton noodle at high standard at all times. It’s not just about its traditional recipe but also the importance of every single cooking steps, using only fresh ingredients in the exact portion, and the simplistic yet fine presentation.

Mak’s Noodle only serves wonton noodle in its best quality. The soup base has to be made of dried flatfish and serves with four shrimp wontons that wrapped in bite size. The portion of egg-noodle is always the same. The sweetness of the soup, tenderness of the wonton shrimp, and texture of the noodle are all important parts of your perfect treat. It has been, and will always be, the successful formula for Mak’s Noodle.


Well known for using fresh ingredients, delicious taste with colourful outlook and zero artificial colouring / preservatives, ISEE iSEE aims to deliver joyful experiences to customers with its range of handcrafted ice pops. During winter months, ISEE iSEE at Avenue of Stars also offers hot delicious beverages such as oat-milk chocolate and hot soothing fruit beverages!

Avenue of Stars Gift Shop / Customer Service Counter

Avenue of Stars Gift Shop offers souvenirs featuring Avenue of Stars, Bruce Lee, McDull, and other special gifts, as well as providing customer service.

The kiosks and the mobile carts might be suspended under inclement weather.  Please see the latest update under Facebook/Instagram.