Welcome to the Avenue of Stars!

Redesigned by renowned landscape architect James Corner, together with other international and local designers, the Avenue of Stars on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront has been revitalised with a host of thrilling new features to kick off 2019. Brought to you by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and New World Development, the Avenue of Stars pays tribute to the mesmerising Victoria Harbour view while providing a warm welcome to the people in Hong Kong and the tourists from all over the world.

More than a hundred newly designed celebrity handprints are ready to take you on a dazzling “journey to the stars”. The elegant handprints are now meticulously set into the wooden handrails for you to view easily. At the same time, you can check out the stars’ biographies and their selected movie clips by scanning the QR codes with your smartphone.

What’s more, the HKFAA statue and the star statues are decorated with flowing-water features that, in concert with the soft light, perfectly echo Bruce Lee’s philosophy of “Be like water” in Tao of Jeet Kune Do, and Anita Mui’s “Life Written in Water”. You can even take a photo and interact with these two superstars using Augmented Reality technology. The brand new Mcdull statue also awaits, so you can enjoy the captivating harbour view and the starry sky together.

The refurbished Avenue of Stars features extended green spaces and enhanced leisure facilities, achieving better pedestrian circulation and perfect use of space. The dazzling movie elements are also resonating with the splendour: the internationally renowned Victoria Harbour view. Together with the widespread use of innovative and eco-friendly design, making Avenue of Stars an international sustainable-designed promenade.

So get ready to discover this world-class attraction and embark upon an unforgettable “journey to the stars”!

Event Trellis

Salisbury Garden Central Lawn


Sustainability Elements


Standing 4 meters high and weighing 25 tonnes, Arbour is huge yet elegantly designed, providing welcome shade for visitors all year round.


The special pattern on the pavement is designed to reduce the reflected glare from the sun on bright days, while each of the bricks contains glass from recycled bottles. Using recycled materials can help manage everyday waste.


The beautiful balustrades are made from the husks left from milling rice mixed with salt and a dash of mineral oil. The material is strong enough to survive the sea’s salty air, and to stand up to Hong Kong’s weather and insects.


The greenery along the Avenue of Stars has been specially selected by local expert gardeners to complement this stunning location. There is a mix of plants from Hong Kong, selected especially for the local climate and the waterside location.

Wave Generator

The first of its kind in Hong Kong and Mainland China, the wave generator makes electricity by moving a drum through the water. At peak times, it can generate up to 600W per hour, and is able to charge 20 mobile phones in a short period (to be launched in the second quarter of 2019).

Outdoor Seating

The custom-designed outdoor seating is built from beautiful, hardwearing bio-wood made from old rice husks. With more than double the amount of seating and a variety of new places to sit, the Avenue of Stars can now be enjoyed in greater comfort.

Solar Panels

Installed on the roof of each mobile cart, our solar panels use the power of the sun to provide electricity to light up the carts.

SITES Certification

Avenue of Stars achieves SITES certification to honour our devotion in sustainability and wellness for the enjoyment by public and community. The project is a showcase on pioneer act on sustainable open space and promotion of environmental awareness and social benefit.