Ms Tsi Lo Lin



Born Chow Kit Lin, Tsi Lo Lin learned Cantonese opera at age 12 and went on to be a principal actress in Ma Si Tsang’s Tai Ping Opera Troupe and Sit Kwok Sin’s Kok Sin Sing Opera Troupe. Her first film appearance was in Eighth Heaven (1939) at the age of 14; two years later, she starred in Bridge of Jealousy (1941). Tsi had a hand in founding Union Film Enterprise in 1952 and appeared in the studio’s productions In the Face of Demolition (1953), Sworn Sisters (1954) and The Precious Lotus Lamp (1956). She also founded Tsi Lo Lin Film Company and wrote, directed and starred in the film Love in Malaya in 1954. Between 1947 and 1964, she acted in more than 140 films, mostly playing leading roles. Lo is best remembered for her portrayals of demure young ladies, as in The Splendour of Youth (1957), or period beauties like the loyal wife in The Dunce Attends a Birthday Party (1956) and Henpecked Husband (1957). Tsi retired from the limelight after shooting Unrewarding Love (1964). A devout Christian, she spent her days volunteering in church.