Ms Shek Wai



Shek Wai was born Sun Huili in Nanjing and moved to Hong Kong in 1947. As a young girl, she loved drama and film, and took lessons in music, piano, ballet and painting. In 1951, she joined Great Wall and began showing promise in Father Marries Again (1952). Her career took flight after Honeymoon (1952) and Aren’t the Kids Lovely? (1953). During her 20-year career, Shek played mostly lovely, innocent girls, such as in Parents’ Love (1953), Actress Pearl (1956) and When You Were Not with Me (1958). She fell in love with actor Fu Chi during the shooting of When You Were Not with Me, and the couple married in 1954. After 1980, Shek Wai took charge of Great Wall’s actors’ department and went on to chair the South China Film Industry Workers Union. In 1981, she held singing recitals in Beijing, Shanghai and Fuzhou, recorded her own albums and held painting exhibitions. Shek and her husband emigrated to Canada in 1991.