Ms Patsy Kar Ling



Born Ho Pui Ying, actress Patsy Kar Ling was a student of the acting course at Lan Kwong Film Company. Shortly after, she and classmate Patrick Tse Yin left Lan Kwong for Dihua Film Company, where she was selected by director Chun Kim to star in The Strange Case of Three Wives (1955). That same year, she left Dihua for Kong Ngee Motion Picture Production Company, where she won critical acclaim for her role in Dragnet (1956) and became one of the studio’s three principal actresses. Kar Ling starred in more than 60 films in her career. These include both parts of Blossom in Rainy May (1960), How to Get a Wife (1961), The Beau (1964) and The Story of a Discharged Prisoner (1967). Kar Ling’s elegance and exquisite beauty made her convincing playing wealthy ladies or social butterflies. In her farewell film, The Strange Girl (1967), she gave one of her best performances as a psychologically disturbed woman. Kar Ling married a Thai-Chinese man in 1963 and retired from the silver screen in 1967, settling in Thailand.