Ms Nina Paw Hee Ching



Born into an acting family in Hong Kong, Nina Paw is the daughter of well-known actors Bow Fong and Liu Su, while her brother, Peter Pau, is an Oscar-winning cinematographer. A frequent visitor to film studios with her father from a young age, Paw started out as a child actress.

In 1966, she enrolled in the acting class at Great Wall Movie Enterprises Limited, where she studied for two years. After graduation, she was first seen in Pull Out the Tigers Teeth (1969), followed by Chu Yuan (1977) playing opposite her father. She then played the leading role of Lian Nichang in White Hair Devil Lady (1980).

Beginning in 1979, she was contracted to Rediffusion Television, later known as Asia Television Limited (ATV), where she established her signature persona of a devoted and loving mother. She was best known for such TV dramas as Fatherland (1980), Forrest Cat (1997) and Light of Million Hopes (2003). Returning to the big screen in the mid-80s, she went on to appear in Ordinary Heroes (1999) and Lost in Time (2003), which earned her nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

In 2008, she scooped Best Actress at both the 15th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards for The Way We Are. She also received nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Supporting Actress for Crossing Hennessy (2010) and Insanity (2015), and for Best Actress for Rigor Mortis (2013) and Show Me Your Love (2016).

Her contract with ATV ended in 2013, after which she joined Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV) and Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), appearing in TV dramas Beyond the Rainbow (2015) and The Unholy Alliance (2017).