Ms Florence Lim



A Hong Kong actress born in Vancouver, Florence Lim (birth name Lim Mei Yi) received her early education in Chinese schools in the Canadian city. She was fluent in Chinese and English, and wrote articles and poems in both languages. At age 12, she returned to Hong Kong where she met and eventually married Lai Man Wai in 1919. Lim was supportive of her husband’s career. In 1925, she made her screen debut as the leading actress in Rouge. A China Sun Motion Picture Company production, the film was Hong Kong’s first full-length feature. Lim also starred in a number of titles shot by Shanghai-based China Sun Shanghai and United Photoplay. They included Way Down West (1927), Mulan Joins the Army (1928), Spring Dream in the Old Capital (1930), Song of China (1935) and Song of a Kind Mother (1937). Lim returned to Hong Kong after the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression to continue her career. She was best known for her roles as a doting mother.

林楚楚女士 Ms Florence Lim