Ms Deanie Ip Tak Han


Actress & Singer

Born in Hong Kong, versatile actress and singer Deanie Ip worked as a club singer in the early years of her career before joining the television industry. She became involved in film in the late 1970s. She acted alongside Andy Lau in TV drama The Emissary (1982). The duo went on to collaborate in The Unwritten Law (1985) and The Truth (1988). In both 1982 and 1999, she was awarded Best Supporting Actress by Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards for Cream Soda and Milk (1981) and Crying Heart (1999). She also won Best Supporting Actress for My Name Ain’t Suzie (1985) and Dances with the Dragon (1991) at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Thereafter, Ip moved to England with her husband and took a hiatus from acting. She reappeared on the big screen in director Ann Hui’s A Simple Life (2012), which landed her numerous Best Actress awards both regionally and internationally, including at the Hong Kong Film Awards, Golden Horse Awards, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, Venice Film Festival, Estonia’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, the Asian Film Awards and the Chinese Film Media Awards. In 2018, she won Best Supporting Actress for Our Time Will Come (2017) at the Hong Kong Film Awards.