Mr Tommy Ti Lung



Actor and director Ti Lung‘s original name was Tam Foo Wing. He enrolled in the Southern Drama School run by Shaw Brothers and signed a five-year contract with the studio upon graduation. Not long after, he was cast by director Chang Cheh as the protagonist in Dead End (1969). During his years with Shaw Brothers, Ti specialised in martial arts movies such as The Heroic Ones (1970), The Duel (1971) and The Blood Brothers (1973). He was one of Chang Cheh’s favourite actors, playing mostly gallant swordsmen. In 1974, Ti tried his hand at directing under Chang Cheh’s Chang’s Film Company in Taipei; his efforts resulted in Young Lovers on Flying Wheels (1974) and The Young Rebel (1975). In 1975, he played the cowardly “Emperor Guangxu” in Li Han Hsiang’s The Empress Dowager (1975) and The Last Tempest (1976). The next few years saw him appear in a series of martial arts films adapted from Gu Long novels, including The Magic Blade (1976), Clans of Intrigue (1977) and The Sentimental Swordsman (1977). In 1985, Ti left Shaw Brothers after having acted in more than 80 titles. In 1986, he was named Best Actor at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards for his performance in A Better Tomorrow. In 1999, he bagged Best Male Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards with The Kid. Ti’s recent big screen appearances include Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008), All You Need Is Love (2015) and Malaysian production The Kid from the Big Apple (2016).