Mr Sam Hui


Actor & Singer

“The God of Cantopop”, Sam Hui is an actor, singer and composer whose wildly popular songs in witty, colloquial Cantonese depict the life of the common folk in Hong Kong. A psychology graduate of the University of Hong Kong, he formed a band called The Lotus in 1967, and a few years later co-hosted the popular The Hui Brothers’ Show on TV with elder brother Michael Hui. Hui’s big screen career kicked off in 1972 when he signed to Golden Harvest as an actor and was cast in Back Alley Princess (1973). In 1974, he took part in Hui’s Film Company’s founding film Games Gamblers Play (1974), which topped Hong Kong’s box office charts that year. The studio went on to produce The Private Eyes (1976), Security Unlimited (1981) and other blockbusters. Many of the titles depict how young people exploited by his brother Michael’s characters manage to turn the tables. Hui’s good looks and raspy voice proved to be a winning formula. Cinema City, established in 1980, sought him out and invited him with generous remuneration to star in the “Aces Go Places” series. Subsequently he also took part in The Legend of Wisely (1987) and Tsui Hark’s Swordsman (1990). Hui retired after finishing All’s Well, Ends Well Too (1993).