Mr Ng Wui



Born Ng Yiu Man, scriptwriter, director and actor Ng Wui received theatre training in the 1920s in a drama school in Guangzhou. In 1931, he founded a theatre group with schoolmates Lo Duen and Lee Sun Fung. Ng then came to Hong Kong where he joined Grandview Film Company and began acting in films. He played benevolent everyman characters in Poor Souls (1940) and other works. In 1941, Ng made his directorial debut with Tonight the Moon Is Full (1941). In a prolific and versatile career spanning 40 years, he helmed some 200 films and acted in more than a hundred. Ng was a key co-founder of Union Film Enterprise and many of the titles he directed were the studio’s works, such as Family (1953), Father and Son (1954), Big Thunderstorm (1954) and The Tormented Beauty (1958). In 1954, he founded Shan Luen Motion Picture Company with partners Pak Yin and Cheung Wood Yau. The studio’s creations included Madam Wan (1954) and The Immortality Pagoda (1955). Ng went on to establish his own studio, Tak Ngai Film Company, which produced The Fascinating Messenger (1956) and Caught in the Act (1957). In 1970, he joined RTV as a producer, director and actor. He is best remembered for his performances in the TV dramas Chameleon and Fatherland. Ng received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild in 1994.

吳回先生 Mr Ng Wui