Mr Louis Koo Tin Lok



Hong Kong-born actor Louis Koo started out as a model appearing in music videos. Joining TVB in 1993, he was cast in popular dramas such as At the Threshold of an Era (1999) and A Step into the Past (2001). In 2001, he found his way into the film industry, starring in Lost in Time (2003), Election (2005) and Connected (2008), among other titles. Protégé (2007) landed him Best Supporting Actor nominations at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards. He received rave reviews for his breakthrough portrayal of a gangster father, a role spanning four decades of the character’s life, in Run Papa Run (2008). The film saw him nominated for Best Actor at the Golden Horse Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards. Many of Koo’s other works, including Rob-B-Hood (2006), Overheard (2009) and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (2011) were blockbusters in Mainland China and Hong Kong. More recently, he played a doting husband and caring dad in Little Big Master (2015). Koo won the overwhelming praise of the industry for his performance in Paradox (2017), claiming Best Actor at both the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Asian Film Awards in 2018. Koo has been an ardent promoter of Hong Kong cinematic arts. In 2013, he established his own studio, One Cool Film Production, and post-production company, One Cool Sound, to support Hong Kong film and young filmmakers, and to encourage professionals to do post-production work in Hong Kong, thereby creating employment opportunities for local film talent. Besides this, Koo serves on the board of the Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival.

古天樂先生 Mr Koo Tin Lok