Mr Leung Sing Poh



Actor and Cantonese opera artist Leung Sing Poh was born Leung Si Hoi to an operatic family – his father was renowned Singaporean martial actor Sing Kar Yuet. At age 17, Leung apprenticed under clown role experts Gwai Ma Lau and Luk Fan Dai Dam Gan. At 19, he became a principal martial arts actor. His repertoire soon extended to scholarly roles, as he made a name for himself as one of the “Four Kings of Cantonese Opera” in Singapore. In 1939, he was invited by Ma Si Tsang to join Tai Ping Opera Troupe in Hong Kong. The end of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression saw Leung switching to clown roles – weight gain had given him a rotund and comedic appearance. He became so successful playing the jester that he won the title “King of Comic Roles ” in a 1952 poll. Leung made his big screen debut with The Elderly Gentleman Searches for Romance (1950) and went on to appear in around 400 titles, mostly Cantonese movie musicals and Cantonese opera films. Leung founded Lee Ying Film Company and Dafeng Film Company, which produced comedies such as A Beggar’s Life for Me (1953) and “The Dunce” series, as well as films starring his daughter Man Lan, such as Darling Girl (1957) and Three Fools Searching for Their Daughter (1963). Nicknamed “Uncle Po”, Leung’s acting was always spot on and entertaining, regardless of the relative importance and nature of his character or the setting. In 1967, he joined TVB and his nightly appearance on the legendary variety show Enjoy Yourself Tonight is a fond memory for generations of Hongkongers. In 1976, Leung became the first showbiz star to be made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).

梁醒波先生 Mr Leung Sing Poh