Mr Jacky Cheung


Actor & Singer

Divo Jacky Cheung is also an accomplished actor in a diverse range of film genres. Born in Hong Kong, he became a professional singer soon after winning the Hong Kong 18 Districts Singing Contest in 1984. Cheung was 100 hundred albums over 22 years. His albums have been sold all over the world, selling more than 40 million copies, which makes him one of the world’s top-selling pop singers. Cheung’s acting career launched in 1986 with Where’s Officer Tuba? (1986). But it was Devoted to You (1986), which saw him co-starring with May Lo, his future wife, that made him famous. Cheung won Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards for As Tears Go By (1988) and Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Horse Awards for Swordsman (1990). He also received Best Actor at the Cinemaya Festival of Asian Cinema, held in New Delhi, for July Rhapsody (2002), as well as Best Original Film Song for Perhaps Love (2005) at the Hong Kong Film Awards. More recently, Heaven in the Dark (2015) saw him teaming up again with actress Carina Lam, his partner in July Rhapsody.