Mr Fu Chi



Born Fu Kwok Leung, actor Fu Chi was born in Liaoning and raised in Shanghai. He moved to Hong Kong in 1949 at age 20, taking up employment as a civil engineer. In 1952, he found a job at Great Wall, which cast him in the leading role for his first film, Honeymoon (1952), opposite actress Shek Wai, his future wife. Fu went on to appear in some 50 titles for the studio and for Feng Huang Motion Picture Company. His other works in this period include Tales of the City (1954), Loves of the Youngsters (1955), Sunrise (1956), When You Were Not with Me (1958) and Gentleman Who Steals (1963). Besides acting, Fu served as an assistant director in Never Leave Me (1955). From 1958, he also took up the responsibilities of screenwriter and director. Fu’s directorial works include Treasure Island (1964), The Jade Bow (1966), Rebirth of a Deaf-Mute (1973) and the documentary The National Games (1976). In 1978, Fu took over as managing director of Great Wall and, in 1982, he became the general manager of Sil-Metropole Organisation. Fu served as a production coordinator for The Shaolin Temple (1982) and producer for Gangs (1988). He and wife Shek Wai emigrated to Canada in 1991.