Cartoon Character

Mcdull is a Hong Kong cartoon character created by Brian Tse and Alice Mak. Mcdull carries adorable appearance and warm-hearted personality. With authentic stories, funny lines and songs, “My Life as Mcdull”, the first animated feature film adapted from Mcdull comics was released in 2001 and Mcdull has been deeply loved by Hong Kong people since then.

Today, Mcdull is no longer a simple cartoon character. He stars films and TV series, becomes ambassador of cultural education and spokesman of brand promotion, and is considered the symbol of Hong Kong cartoon culture. With Mcdull series films winning awards at major Chinese and international film festivals, the slow but sincere piglet Mcdull has gained increasing popularity outside Hong Kong.

The Mcdull statue at Avenue of Star has a base close to the ground, making Mcdull accessible to people. Mcdull statue points his finger towards the sky, making the best wishes to all.