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‘Godfather of Hong Kong Movie Posters’ Yuen Tai-yung launches ‘Glitter, Glitz and Glamour’ exhibition at Garden of Stars
(30 September until March 2018)


Bruce Lee, renowned martial arts expert
and icon of Hong Kong

Anita Mui, a piece that Mr Yuen considers as
one of his gems


(27 September 2017, Hong Kong) Avenue of Stars Management Limited today announced a partnership with famed movie poster artist, Mr Yuen Tai-yung, unveiling a series of 24 caricatures of famous movie stars and singers at the six-month long ‘Glitter, Glitz and Glamour’ exhibition at the Garden of Stars at Tsim Sha Tsui East Waterfront Podium Garden. The exhibition will showcase over 20 international and locally renowned actors and singers that are ‘caricaturised’ by Mr Yuen, such as Bruce Lee, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Angelina Jolie and Steve McQueen. Caricatures of Jackie Chan, Andy Lau and Sean Lau were also created just for this exhibition. The new caricatures will take Mr Yuen’s specialised portfolio to over 200 iconic movie posters and caricatures, a feat that has led him to achieve the distinguished ‘Professional Achievement Award’ at the recent 36th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony for his great contribution to Hong Kong cinema.


Based on his personal preferences, encounters and impressions of these stars, Mr Yuen handpicked these specific film stars to create his signature caricatures. “Each of these creations are deeply meaningful and hold a special place in my heart,” Mr Yuen said. “It has been a true honour to caricaturise the great names of both Hong Kong and Hollywood cinema. I am particularly indebted to Sam and Michael Hui who gave me my first break in designing for the film industry, which led me to express my love of film and the stars of these films through my movie posters and caricatures. I am thrilled that my new caricatures will be on display for the people of Hong Kong to enjoy and reminisce about their favourite movie stars.”


Of noteworthy mention are the portraits of Bruce Lee, a figure synonymous with Hong Kong, who offered a lot of creative potential for Mr Yuen thanks to his ever-changing facial nuances and dramatic expressions, and also his iconic copper statue that Mr Yuen had a hand in the design, which is now currently situated at the Garden of Stars. As Bruce Lee is famed for using his hands in his martial arts poses, Mr Yuen deliberately exaggerated the hands on the caricature and statue to draw attention to them.


Mr Yuen relays his personal experience in the creation of these portraits on the descriptors of each art piece. Intrinsically tied to Hong Kong’s film culture, these intriguing works of art have made such an impact on the community that filmmaker Hui See-wai created a documentary titled, ‘The Posterist’ in 2016, that payed homage to Mr Yuen’s contributions in Hong Kong’s heritage and cultural scene. He also worked closely with Mr Yuen to bring this exhibition to life.


Mr Yuen’s caricatures exemplify a true art form, representing a deep-seated nostalgia for the golden era of Hong Kong cinema. The exhibition will be on display starting from Saturday, 30 September until March 2018 at the Garden of Stars, Salisbury Road in East Tsim Sha Tsui.


Leslie Cheung, whose grace and aura left
a strong impression on Mr Yuen

Sam Hui, who paved Mr Yuen’s way
to become a posterist

Angelina Jolie, someone who Mr Yuen
admires for her trendsetting, fearless
and loving attitude
Steven McQueen, well-known for his
car chases and death defying stunts

- END -

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