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Garden of Stars and Starry Gallery Celebrate Hong Kong Cinema Giant paintings relive classic movie scenes


(12 November 2015, Hong Kong) With Avenue of Stars being closed for a three-year revamp, the Tsim Sha Tsui East waterfront podium garden will be transformed into the “Garden of Stars” and the subway connecting Tsim Sha Tsui station and East Tsim Sha Tsui station will become the “Starry Gallery”. From 15 November 2015 onwards, there will be exhibitions related to Hong Kong film history. The Hong Kong cinema continues to shine with creative works by film veteran Law Kar, noted photographer Jupiter Wong and illustrator Kylie Chan, offering locals and visitors a whole new experience of local films.


Reliving classic movie scenes

Located at the Tsim Sha Tsui East waterfront podium garden, the Garden of Stars features bronze statues of Bruce Lee, Anita Mui and McDull and the Hong Kong Film Awards goddess. In addition, 20 handprint plaques of movie stars will also be on display, followed by the remaining 87 star plaques in the first quarter of 2016. 


On top of the original exhibits of Avenue of Stars, a 63-metre-long, 360-degree mural, Starlight Cinema, will be shown on the Tai Chi Wall of the garden. The overall concept of this mural was led by Law Kar and inspired by 17 classic scenes and featuring 43 movie characters. Kylie Chan realised the design concept through illustration.


The light poles at the Garden of Stars are decorated with famous movie quotes that contribute to the collective memory of Hong Kong people. The footbridge connecting the waterfront and the garden features photos of Fame, Flame, Frame by Jupiter Wong.


Celebrating a Century of Brilliance

The public can revisit a century of brilliance of Hong Kong cinema at the 200-metre-plus Starry Gallery located at the subway connecting Tsim Sha Tsui station and East Tsim Sha Tsui station. There are also five thematic zones, including Movie Stills and Quotes, Posters, Title Fonts, History of Avenue of Stars and 100-year Legacy of Hong Kong Cinema.


The Movie Stills and Quotes zone marks the beginning of the Starry Gallery, showing the works of photographer Jupiter Wong, along with classic movie quotes. The Posters zone showcases more than 20 posters of different genres, from kung fu to romance, crime and comedy, which represent the very unique style of Hong Kong cinema.


Experience the impact of typography at the Title Fonts zone which features fonts of more than 120 movie titles. The History of Avenue of Stars zone pays tribute to the names that made Hong Kong the ‘Hollywood of the East’.


Take a walk down memory lane at the 100-year Legacy of Hong Kong Cinema zone at the end of the Starry Gallery. With the vision of Law Kar and creative works by Kylie Chan, history and milestones of Hong Kong cinema are presented with a 56-metre-long illustration inspired by 65 classic scenes, featuring 105 movie characters and over 100 old photos of Hong Kong culture and customs, adding radiance to the city and local cinema.

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About Law Kar

Law Kar was a film critic and editor in the 1960s, then a writer and director for television. Returning to the movie and cultural scene in the 1990s, he was a programmer for the Hong Kong International Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Archive, while dedicating his efforts to research of Hong Kong film history. Now retired, he still has keen interest in screenwriting and editing.


About Kylie Chan

Kylie Chan was graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London, major in illustration. She currently works for ODD ONE OUT gallery and also publishes an indie magazine, ZINE. She has had her solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Her illustrations can also be seen in local publications, including Apple Daily, Weekend Weekly, City Magazine, ELLE, what.bookgazine, MMM, boysize, etc.


About Jupiter Wong

Jupiter Wong is a celebrated photographer who started his career with shooting movie stills for Eighteen Springs directed by Anna Hui, followed by more than 60 movies including The Warlords, Perhaps Love, One Nite in Mongkok, Baober in Love, Inner Senses, Spring in a Small Town, Seven Swords, Shinjuku Incident, 24 City, etc.


About the Avenue of Stars

Opened in 2004, Avenue of Stars pays tribute to Hong Kong cinema while promoting tourism. Over the past decade, Avenue of Stars has been one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attractions,  drawing more than half a million patrons every month. In addition to handprints of local movie stars, there were thousands of exhibitions, overseas cultural programmes, local musical, dance and drama performances - colourful and vibrant above all. Avenue of Stars is temporarily closed for refurbishment from the fourth quarter of 2015. It is slated to reopen by the end of 2018 with an array of leisure and entertainment facilities to offer locals and visitors from around the world a whole new experience.

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