After half a year of hiatus, the“Water of Stars” on the Avenue of Stars will return to rejuvenate Victoria Dockside, bringing visitors a more diversified waterfront experience in Tsim Sha Tsui.

“Water of Stars” is a remarkable musical fountain show with lighting effect. Imagine each sprout of water to be like a graceful ballerina on the tip of her toes, swaying her elegant arms forming beautiful lines and curves to the choreography with magnificent light show and contemporary music performed by a 68-person orchestra. The fountain is equipped with rainwater collection facilities and solar panels. The unique environmental protection design echoes the social responsibility of sustainable development.

The musical fountain trial show will start from November 27, 2021 and each show lasts about 5 minutes, following below tentative show schedule. *

Time Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
3:00pm n/a
4:00pm n/a
5:00pm n/a

★ Special Show : “A Muse Adore”

* Schedule may change temporarily due to weather and other conditions without notice.